Why to Host Your Own Rotator Script

Stop Paying Stupid Monthly Fees for Rotating Links to Your Favorite Money Making Sites!

Here is why you need to install a Rotator Script on your own domain.

If you’ve ever had the need to send traffic to one URL, and have that traffic spread among several websites, you have had the need for a link rotator.

If you have been looking for a URL rotator, you have probably there are two solutions to URL rotation. Installing a rotator script on your own domain, or using a third party link rotation service.

I always suggest you go with the solution that you can host yourself. As you investigate link rotator services, you will find a number of drawbacks.

First, you will find that rotation services limit the number of links you can rotate for free. At some point of time you will find yourself rotating enough links that you will have to pay a monthly fee to rotate the number of links that you want to.

You never know when a URL rotation service that may disappear, leaving the hard earned traffic you have directed to the service going nowhere.

Here is a solid piece of advice if you are doing any marketing on the internet. You must control your own links, and have as much control over your traffic as you can.

That’s why I strongly encourage you to have your own domain, and your own web hosting account. Furthermore, I encourage you to provide your own services as much as you can. Leave the web hosting and autoresponders to the services that know them best, and then attempt to host and own the rest of your own tools.

The rotator script is one tool you can, and should, host yourself.

The benefits to owning your own url rotator service are:

1. No more monthly fees! You pay a low one time fee, and then install the simple rotator script on your own domain. You rotate as many links as you want, on as many domains as you want. Just be careful, not all rotator scripts allow you to install the URL rotator on unlimited domains. Some rotator scripts charge you a one time fee per domain.

I recommend the HomeBizRotator since you can install it on unlimited domains that you own.

2. As stated above, you MUST be in control of your own links, and your own traffic. Imagine if you singed up for one of the free, or fee per multiple rotator services. You spent hard earned money and worked your tail off to get traffic going to your link rotator link with the third party service.

Suddenly, the rotator service disappeared. The traffic that your worked hard to generate is now pointing to a dead link. The money you spent, and time you spent is now being wasted because you had no control over the rotator service.

This is something that can happen very easily. All it takes is a few spammers sending out emails with the rotator service link in the email. A spam complaint to the rotators web host and domain registrar and that service could be shut down.

Don’t take the chance of losing your traffic being sent to a URL rotator service. I strongly suggest you look at this quality rotator script, and install it on your own domain.

3. Traffic going to your website means something. When you use a third party link rotation service, you are sending your traffic to their domain. The rotator service is benefiting from your traffic one way or another. At the very least, they are improving their Alexa rating as a result of members sending traffic to their domain. Why not send the traffic you are generating to your own domain?

This URL Rotator installs on your site and gives you complete control of your links and the traffic you send to the rotator.

You can see the link rotator in action. Each time you load this page, you will see a different page come up in your browser. These are links that are loaded into the URL rotator.

Also have a look at the admin area, to see the various rotation options.
You will need username: demo and password: demo123.

If you would like to learn more about what a link rotator is, and get some ideas on how you can use it in your marketing, check out the Link Rotator Blog.

Your search for a rotator script is over, this is the only rotation script I use!