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HomeBizRotator Link Rotator Script Updated

My favorite URL rotator script has been updated, making it an even more valuable tool for the same low price.

Here are the changes, and some comments I have on the changes.

1.  URL Rotator Enable or Disable
2.  Maximum Number of Link Rotations
3.  Default URL Delivered When No Links Available for Rotation
4.  Page Rotation Weight
5.  Updated URL Rotator Admin Page
6.  Updated and Improved Link Rotator Reset Stats Page

1.  There are times I wanted to temporarily remove a link from rotation, to update the site.  With older versions, if you wanted to disable a link from rotation, you had to delete it from the rotator.  Then, if you wanted to rotate that link later, you had to add it back into the rotator.  When you deleted the link, the stats for that link were also deleted, so you had no history of rotations on that link.

With the new Enable/Disable function, you can now remove a link from the rotation without deleting it.  Simply disable the link, and then enable the link to add it back into the rotation.  The hits stats are preserved and will hit counts will continue where they left off.

This is a huge plus.

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