Rotating Links and Split Testing

I recently had a customer ask how they could track which capture page in the rotator was performing best. I thought I would give an example of how you can use HomeBizRotator to rotate links and track hits to a page with the same link rotator script.

Here is my explanation to the customer.

The rotator does it’s work before hitting the landing page, so it doesn’t know what was clicked on at the destination. However, the rotator also does hit tracking, so this is what you can do.

For two different landing pages, add the landing pages to the rotator and make sure they are enabled. Then traffic sent to the rotator will be split between the 2 landing pages.

Add two more links to the rotator with names like landingpageclicks1 and landingpageclicks2. Add the final destination URL to both of them. Make sure they are NOT enabled in the rotation. Click on “Get Direct Links”. Add the landingpageclicks1 Direct URL to your first landing page as the link someone is clicking to, or as your thank you page in your autoresponder. Do the same for landingpageclicks2.

Now when a landing page is rotated to, if someone clicks on the link on your landing page, the click is counted and they are directed to where you want them to end up.

You will then have stats two see which landing page is getting more clicks.

To better understand how this would work I have created a real life example.

I have created 2 landing pages that I am rotating through the rotator

They are Enabled and are set to rotate at each visit to the rotator URL

Now, I have added two more links to the rotator, that point to my destination site I want to direct customers to after they have taken action (click a link in this case) on my capture page. I have called these links Capture1Stats and Capture2Stats. I have set these links to Enabled = “N”.

I now have two links in rotation, and two links not in rotation.

I now need to get the “Direct Links” for Capture1Stats & Capture2Stats.


You will see the Direct URL for Capture1Stats & Capture2Stats. These are the links you would use on your lead capture pages.

Now if you look at my capture pages, they have a link or button points to points to

When someone visits and clicks on the link, they go to that then directs the visitor to my destination

The link tracks the number of hits to Capture1. So you can see the number of times the lead capture pages were loaded under Rotate Hits, and the number of times the capture page links were clicked under Direct Hits.

You can test this in action. Go to and you will see the main admin panel. All links except Get Direct Links have been disabled.

You can click on the “Your Rotator Link” link to rotate through the capture pages. You can then click on the “Click Here For Instant Access” link on one of these pages, and you will be directed to the destination download page. Then in the rotator Admin area, refresh the page and you will see the Rotate Hits and Direct Hits change.

That is how you can use the HomeBizRotator to rotate your landing pages, and the hit tracking feature to split test, to determine which landing page gets the best results.