PHP Rotator Script New Feature

I love software creators that listen to their customers.

That’s one reason I created this website about the url rotator.  The owner of the software listens to his customers and makes enhancements based on their needs.

The latest change is just one case of an improvement to the rotator script because of a customer need.

This particular customer bought the HomeBizRotator php rotator to replace their random rotator with a serial rotator.  They also wanted the hit tracking capabilities of this web rotator.

They were faced with the job of transferring hundreds of links from one rotator to the new rotator.  To have to add each new link one by one would have been very time consuming.  The customer wanted a way to load a batch of links to the rotator without having to do the load directly to the php rotator database.

The result of this request was an a new feature being added to the HomeBizRotator.



Now you can copy and paste a large number of links into the batch upload page of the rotation script.  It takes just a few seconds to load, name and enable hundreds of links with a simple copy, paste and submit.

Did you know that once you purchase the HomBizRotator, you can use it on as may domains of your own as you wish.  You will also get any future additions and enhancements for free.  A small one time investment is all you will ever make.

Learn more about the URL Rotator here.