Link Rotator Script Usage Video

People have been asking for a HomeBizRotator link rotator script usage video for a while, and now it’s here.

I believe the rotator script written instructions are clear and easy to follow, but today people are so accustomed to learning by video, that software instructional videos are almost a requirement.

Here is the first of the HomeBizRotator usage instructions.

As you can see, this video covers the basics of the rotator script.

Login to the Admin area
Layout of the admin area
Finding your rotator traffic link
Seeing which link will rotate next
Changing the admin profile
The script help screen
Adding new links for rotation
Deleting links
Editing links
Batch upload of links

The above video should give you enough help to get you started using the link rotator quickly.

There will be another video coming soon that will show how to use the more advanced features of the rotator. Such as setting cookies, setting a wieght to a rotation link and setting a link to receive a maximum number of hits.

You can see the link rotator script demo here, which will allow you to play with some of the settings and see the rotator in action.