Link Rotator Purpose

I a not much of a video guy, but I decided it was time to start creating some videos about link rotation and my link rotator script.

My first video is a short video that explains the benefits of a link rotator.  I would appreciate it you would view and “Like” my video below.

To recap the video above, here are some of the uses for a link rotator.

Page split testing, Advertising Coops, Protecting your links from services that may shut down, tracking advertising and capitalizing on page not found errors just to name a few.

Once you find a need for link rotation, it’s really important that you host the rotator on your own domain, rather than purchasing a third party service.  Unfortunately, many of those services are used by spammers and all it takes is a few complaints for that service to be taken down by a web host, or a domain registrar.

Here are several other advantages to rotating links, particularly from your own site using the HomeBizRotator.

One Traffic Link Can Spread Your Traffic To Your Other Sites
Rotate Traffic To Multiple Links From Your Web Site
Stop Giving Away Traffic To Rotator Services
Use On Multiple Domains
Great For Split Testing
Hit Tracking with Detailed Stats

Learn more about the HomeBizRotator and have a look at our rotator demo by visiting