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WP Rotator Software

WP URL Rotator Software

For those of you who have been waiting for the HomeBizRotator link rotator to become a WordPress rotator plugin, the wait is over. The WP URL Rotator Software is now available. wp-url-rotatorMost of you internet marketers use WordPress, so it did make sense to convert it a WordPress plugin. One thing that was challenging for the HomeBizRotator standalone version was it was somewhat difficult to install. You had to do some things that we technically challenging for a number of people. Thinks like modifying files, creating databases, assigning users to databases, creating and loading tables.

Those technical challenges are gone and if you know how to install a WordPress plugin, you can install this WordPress rotator.

The WP URL rotator software plugin has most of the same great benefits of the HomeBizRotator:

  • You can rotate unlimited URLs.
  • You can install it one any WordPress sites that you own.
  • The rotator tracks hits to the rotator link by date, IP and country.
  • You can bulk upload links to rotate.
  • The rotator uses friendly URLS, not any ugly links like script.php?id=abc.
  • You can name the rotator anything you like, from an obvious “rotator” to something less obvious like “we-like”. The only stipulation is the rotator can not share the name of any post, page or category on you blog.
  • You can also use the rotator as a hit counter.
  • You can set a weight to each link, meaning the rotator will stay at that URL until the weight number has been exceeded, then it will move on to the next URL.

The dashboard will show you which link is up to be rotated next. You can still set a maximum number of hits to each link. My rotator software is different from most other rotators. My rotators are sequential, showing each URL in sequence, one after the other. Most other rotators show links in a random fashion. A random link rotator is much easier to create than a sequential rotator.

Here is a practical way I use the rotator.
I have a site in the diet niche. That site contains some posts on a WordPress blog. Many of those posts have links in the text to affiliate products. My sidebar also has a generic banner linking to affiliate products.

I could link directly to an affiliate products with these links and banner, however, linking directly to those affiliate products is not the best way to go.

People who know what affiliate links look like, will sometimes not click those links because they know they will be directed to another site where they will be presented with a sales pitch.

You also have no way of knowing if anyone is clicking on those links since there is no hit tracking.

Plus, you are only testing one affiliate product per link at a time. If you want to change any of those links, you have to go into the post and change it there which can be a pain.

But, there is a better way.

Install the WP URL Rotator software, and name the rotator something generic like “diet-idea”. Find a number of related affiliate products your visitors may be interested in, and put those affiliate links in the rotator.
Then make sure every link in the post text, or in the sidebar banner, is using either a direct link from the rotator, or the main rotator link.

One link uses the main rotator link This link rotates between each of the rotate enabled affiliate links you installed in the rotator each time it is clicked. With each click the visitors IP and country are captures so you know how many hits you are getting and how many unique hits you are getting.

I have another link in the blog text, pointing to a product that I like for that particular post. For that link I use a direct link within the rotator. The link looks like This link goes through the rotator for click tracking purposes only. The link looks like it’s going to stay on my site and is not an affiliate link. Each click to this link is tracked for me.

I really don’t want this particular link in my link rotations so I disable it in my rotator, but I can still use the direct link for hit counting.

When you find any affiliate products that are not giving the results you want, you can easily swap them out for other affiliate links. You do this in the rotator software dashboard without having to edit any posts or pages, and without having to edit every post or page with an affiliate link in it.

This is all done in the WP URL Rotator Software area of your WordPress admin area. It’s also done with just one plugin.

This is a great way to use the WP URL Rotator Software.

Link Rotator Script Usage Video

People have been asking for a HomeBizRotator link rotator script usage video for a while, and now it’s here.

I believe the rotator script written instructions are clear and easy to follow, but today people are so accustomed to learning by video, that software instructional videos are almost a requirement.

Here is the first of the HomeBizRotator usage instructions.

As you can see, this video covers the basics of the rotator script.

Login to the Admin area
Layout of the admin area
Finding your rotator traffic link
Seeing which link will rotate next
Changing the admin profile
The script help screen
Adding new links for rotation
Deleting links
Editing links
Batch upload of links

The above video should give you enough help to get you started using the link rotator quickly.

There will be another video coming soon that will show how to use the more advanced features of the rotator. Such as setting cookies, setting a wieght to a rotation link and setting a link to receive a maximum number of hits.

You can see the link rotator script demo here, which will allow you to play with some of the settings and see the rotator in action.

Link Rotator Purpose

I a not much of a video guy, but I decided it was time to start creating some videos about link rotation and my link rotator script.

My first video is a short video that explains the benefits of a link rotator.  I would appreciate it you would view and “Like” my video below.

To recap the video above, here are some of the uses for a link rotator.

Page split testing, Advertising Coops, Protecting your links from services that may shut down, tracking advertising and capitalizing on page not found errors just to name a few.

Once you find a need for link rotation, it’s really important that you host the rotator on your own domain, rather than purchasing a third party service.  Unfortunately, many of those services are used by spammers and all it takes is a few complaints for that service to be taken down by a web host, or a domain registrar.

Here are several other advantages to rotating links, particularly from your own site using the HomeBizRotator.

One Traffic Link Can Spread Your Traffic To Your Other Sites
Rotate Traffic To Multiple Links From Your Web Site
Stop Giving Away Traffic To Rotator Services
Use On Multiple Domains
Great For Split Testing
Hit Tracking with Detailed Stats

Learn more about the HomeBizRotator and have a look at our rotator demo by visiting